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Tips for online sports betting beginners

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What are the current top 3 gambling games in South Korea?

Gambling in South Korea is big business but not for Koreans who are banned from all but the most simple of gambling activities by their government.

That is why millions of South Koreans get online and gamble in their favorite online casinos instead. For example, see 우리카지노.

With so much gambling going on for South Koreans on the Internet, what are the current top three gambling games South Koreans like and are they the same games they have always played?

Poker — Just like gamblers worldwide, South Koreans love playing online poker. So much so, it is one of the current top three gambling games in South Korea when it comes to Internet-based gambling.

Poker is popular with Koreans as it is one of the gambling games millions of them have played at home with their families. Games that Koreans still gambled on, but away from the prying eyes of their restrictive government and its anti-gambling laws.

Once Koreans became aware of online gambling, however, poker became one of the first games they bet their money on. It was familiar, it was just as easy to play as when back home with their parents and, if they were good at it, it could be very lucrative for them.

As poker has been a game Koreans have played for decades, it is also likely it will remain one of their top three gambling games going forward.

The slot machines — There is not a country on the planet whose citizens gamble that does not seem to enjoy the slots. That is why it should be no surprise that the slots are one of the top three gambling games in South Korea as well.

The slots are popular with Koreans due to the hundreds of themed games and because of how easy it is to learn to play each one.

Koreans also enjoy the slot machines as they can gamble with just a few Korean won on days where money is tight or gamble with thousands of won per spin when money is plentiful.

This means they are never priced out of having some fun online.

Blackjack — As blackjack can be played quickly and with just one player against the dealer, Koreans have flocked to the online game en masse.

The simple form of the game is easy to learn, games fly by in just seconds, yet it can be a game where a savvy player can win large amounts of money if lucky with the cards they draw.

With South Korea’s strict gambling laws against its own citizens not expected to be repealed any time soon, it is no wonder so many Koreans now flock to online casinos.

It is also not difficult to understand why they specifically enjoy gambling on these three games when they get there.

The difference between amateur and professional poker players

Different approaches can be utilized to define the difference between a professional poker player and an amateur. A pro might be described as someone good enough to earn a living out of porker while an amateur plays for fun. If you are reading this, probably you are an amateur. But the good thing is, even professional players were once amateurs. Most even started with online poker on websites such as score88poker or others.


It is always difficult to differentiate between an amateur and a pro. However, here is a list of aspects you can consider to distinguish between the two kinds of players.


Leaving Profitable Games

The art of locating a profitable game can be overwhelming. However, with determination and patience, it is possible. If you discover a productive game, make a point of staying in the game as long as it remains profitable. In most cases, an amateur will be involved in such games for a few hours and leave. However, professional players can stay within the session for up to six hours. The art is linked to the fact that a professional player will take advantage of any profitable situation and earn a living. However, an amateur will quickly get bored and leave even the most beneficial game.


Treating Poker as a job rather than a Hobby

People who are professional players, they take poker a job and not a hobby. A professional player will dedicate 100 % of his energy to becoming the best player in any session. However, amateurs play whenever they are in good moods and when they are free. Such a player cannot track his or her progress whatsoever. If you want to be a professional player, dedicate your time and resources to raising the standards of your gaming. Think like a professional and act like one. It would be best if you treated it as a professional job rather than a hobby. Such aspects differentiate between professional players and amateurs.


Focusing on Winning

In any game, winning increases the amusement. However, professional poker players do not focus on winning. Such a player aims at amassing more profits and utilizing all the practical situations that crop up. However, the case is different for amateurs. In other words, if you want to be more of a professional player, you need to utilize all the favorable situations that crop up in any session.


Finding Profitable Games

An amateur will take any game and seek any form of amusement. However, a professional player looks for more profitable games. In most cases, a professional player understands all that it takes t earn profits rather than win a game. Most of these games are more of a calculation and involves a lot of thinking. Amateurs find it challenging to concrete on such games. However, the profits earned from such games can hold a professional player in a single session for more than three hours.

Betting on Family

Some of the most significant wagers in the history of sports betting (e.g. on 먹튀검증), took a decade to pay off. A Texas businessman relied on a $13 million bet to finance a business promotion. Professional athletes have made as much as sports bettors as they did during their competing days. A tennis fan in England won $155,000 postmortem.


Betting on Family

In 2004 professional golfer Rory McIlroy was 15 years old. That year, McIlroy’s father Gerry wagered 200 British pounds that his son would be an Open Champion. In 2014 Rory won the Open Championship making his dad approximately USD 130,000 prouder.

The odds against little Harry Wilson becoming a soccer star were 2,500/1. The odds didn’t stop Harry’s grandfather Peter Edwards from betting his grandson would one day represent the family’s native Wales on the soccer pitch. By age 16, Harry was a rising soccer star. The 50-pound wager that his grandfather had placed a little over a decade earlier yielded USD 160,000.


Betting on Someone Else to Win

Pro-golfer Phil Mickelson is a true believer in the Baltimore Ravens. The 2000 NFL season had not seen its first kick-off when Mickelson contributed to a $20,000 bet on the Ravens winning the Super Bowl. Mickelson was part of a gambling syndicate that netted over half-a-million dollars from wagering on Baltimore.

NBA legend Charles Barkley’s love of gambling has been requited and unrequited. In 2002, Barkley was among the few who foresaw the Pats beating the Rams in the Super Bowl. By backing New England, Sir Charles realized a $300,000 profit on a $500,000 bet. A bet that the Falcons would win the NFL championship cost Barkley $100,000.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has placed sports bets exceeding $1 million. A $5.9 million wager Mayweather purportedly made on game seven of the 2013 NBA championship may be an urban legend. If the story is true, Mayweather won his bet. How much he may have won remains a mystery.


The Last Wager

Nicholas Newlife would have to wait for 10-years to see if a 1,500-pound bet on Roger Federer winning seven Wimbledon titles would payoff. Sadly by the time, Federer claimed his seventh title Nicholas Newlife had passed. Thanks to a provision in Newlife’s will his $155,000 in winnings will feed 10,000 impoverished families.

5 Common Pitfalls Beginners Make in Online Poker

Are you a new poker player? You have a lot to learn. Poker beginners are prone to mistakes. Inconstant playing strategies, stakes too high, and impatience are some of the costly mistakes beginner poker online indonesia players make.

These blunders make many beginners quit, thinking they’re unlucky. This article will explore common beginner mistakes. Avoiding them will give you an edge over other players as you pocket extra bucks. Read on.

Poker Mistakes to Avoid as A Beginner

The following are the costly blunders beginners are more likely to fall in.

1. Playing at high stakes

Many beginners are tempted to play at stakes higher than their skill levels.

Dumb as it may sound, it’s okay to play at lower stakes, provided they match your skill level. Higher stakes often involve kick-ass players. To beat them, you’ll need advanced skills.

Try playing the lower stakes for a while to gauge your skills. If you continue crushing it, then you can move to higher stakes.

There’s no rush. Concentrate on building your skills, and everything will fall in place.

2. Using Poor Strategies

In poker, a strategy is everything. Your strategy will either send straight to a win or lose.

For beginners, the recommended strategy is TAG – Tight and Aggressive. This involves being highly selective of the hand to play with and your position.

Consistently mastering the TAG fundamentals is a crucial step for beginners, even for those feeling confident that they’ve already done so.

3. Playing Many Hands

It’s common for beginners to play too many hands. Too much folding can get you thinking the game is boring, hence the temptation to make pre-flop calls. This strategy leads to chips wastage when you miss the flop.

Patience is, therefore, vital. Carefully select the hands to play and avoid playing many pots. See beyond cards when playing. Patiently wait for opportunities worth placing your chips.

4. Playing with Emotions

Having a bad day? Overexcited? Then it’s not the right time to play. Such emotions could result in making such costly action as desperate moves, letting ego get the better of you, or chasing losses.

Emotions can blind you, moving you into making uninformed decisions. Take a break when you feel you’ve started making emotional decisions.

Avoid being angry or frustrated when things don’t go your way. Get your emotions under control—failure to which will lead to you making irrational decisions and consequently losing money.

5. Being Too Superstitious

Many beginners have a strong belief in luck. Most players blame every loss on bad luck, even when they lose because of their own mistakes.

Failing to notice your mistakes will see you repeating them, hence remaining on the same game level.

As a beginner, however, don’t worry much about making mistakes. Instead, focus on learning from them and never repeating them.


Poker games are not a walk in the park. However, consistency is what separates good players from poor ones. Constant learning will make your game better.

As a beginner, avoid the above mistakes. Just a little more learning, and you’ll be on top of your game.

Basketball betting tips

Basketball betting tips

If you are careful enough, basketball betting could give you so much profit. There will always be basketball teams to bet on every day, and hence this means each day is a lucky day for you. As a basketball betting, you must always avoid making the same mistakes that most people make when betting online. It may be hard for you to avoid these mistakes, but when you know several betting tips, then you could be one of the most successful bettors. Betting using these tips can be profitable, unlike when you do not know how to place your bets. The several betting tips that can help you in becoming a successful basketball better are discussed below and crafted with the help of www.studioperak.com.


Avoid complicating things

Most of the people think that when they bet on the complex bets, they are likely to win. This is not the truth since if you invest in the simplest teams in basketball, you are likely to get much profit on all your bets. This is why it is always advisable to make sure that you do not complicate things when you are betting on basketball.


Close your ears

In basketball, any result is to be expected. This means that anyone may have the right predictions with them. When you are betting on basketball, you should try predicting the games that you will bet on when you are alone. When you have predicted them, go ahead and bet. Do not make changes because other people have different suggestions on the teams that you have selected. They may end up misleading you, and this is why you must always close your ears.


Take time and research.

Apart from investing in your money, you must also invest in your time. You must find time to research before placing any bets. Researches are not for beginners, but also the experts. If you want to become successful in all the bets that you place, then there are various things that you need to research on. This includes the formation of the teams, the players present and absent, their motivation, and cases of injuries. Researching helps all the bettors to be updated on important information concerning the teams they want to bet on. All this information that you research will help you in making the right decisions.


Do not chase losses

Every bettor will find themselves losing time and again. However, you should learn to accept any results of your bets. If you lose, you must be at a point to accept [to the fact that you have lost. However, most of the bettors will want to chase their losses, thinking that they may recover the money that they have lost. This is a mistake that you should never make when you are betting on basketball.


Best Sports To Bet On For Making Money?

If you love to bet on sports and are looking to make a lot of money wagering on sports you should pick teams within each sport to follow. Following one particular team may help you better understand their statistics, their players, and their overall chances of winning. Following one team will not only increase your chances of winning but it may also help make the game for fun. There are several sports that are played throughout the year. Here are some of the top sports to bet on if you want to make money throughout the year published with the help of the pros over at 야구 분석 coffeescad.net – thanks guys!


#1) Baseball

Baseball is one of the best sports that you can bet on because it is a relatively constant sport. The players all have different averages and these averages can help predict which way the final score of the game is going to go. If you have a couple of players on one team that have extremely high averages and another team does not have those same star statistics you can place high wagers and increase your chances of winning big.

Another great thing about betting on baseball is that each team plays another team several times in a row. This gives you the chance to study both teams at once. You can understand their statistics and bet in favor of the teams with better statistics. Baseball teams play many games in a single week and this gives you the chance to win large amounts of money each week if you place your bets right.


#2) Basketball

Another great way to win a large amount of money is by betting on basketball. Basketball teams play other teams multiple times throughout a season. They also play many games during a single week which gives you ample opportunities to place new bets. You can bet on one game and skip another game if you are not feeling comfortable.

Basketball has many factors that affect the outcome of the game, but these factors are easy to follow and predict. If one team is on a winning streak you may choose to continue on with that team. Basketball streaks are well known and if one player is on a hot streak it is likely that they will continue the streak. Be careful with streaks though, because it can hurt if you lose.


#3) Football

Football is another great sport to make money on because there are often huge gaps in teams. If one team is playing another team that is much better or much worse you can get an idea of how to bet. This can help you make money. Since there are many football games played each week you can search for the games that are in your favor and only bet on them.



Baseball betting tips that every beginner must know.

Baseball betting tips that every beginner must know.

Most of the people are used to betting football and basketball, but baseball is also another sport you can invest in and win so much money. Betting in this game is quite different from other sports since bettors only bet for the team that will win and not the team that covers more. Since there are so many baseball games that are played every day, you should give this game a try and see whether you will win or lose. As a beginner, there are several tips that you need to learn before you begin betting to avoid making losses right from the start. Some of the baseball betting tips for beginners include:

Manage your bankroll

One of the essential tips that you should always remember is managing your bankroll. This tip is useful in all online betting sports. The main aim of betting is to earn money, and hence you should make sure you work to attain this aim. To achieve your goal, you must first know how to manage your bankroll. Avoid spending more money than you had planned to use in betting.

Avoid betting on your favorites

Most of the people who make odds know that most bettors and especially beginners will always bet for their favorite teams. This is the main reason why they will capitalize on the sides that are loved by the majority of people. As a beginner, you will want to bet on your favorite team because you believe that it must win, and that is overpriced. This is the biggest mistake that you should always avoid when you are betting on baseball sports.

Do not follow the public

In baseball, any team can win. For this reason, the teams that you pick may win or not. At times, most of the beginners do not believe in the choices that they make. They will tend to listen to what the public is saying and rely on their answers. When you are betting for any baseball teams, make sure that you believe in yourself. You may bet according to the public only to find out that the teams you had selected have won. More information can be found on 야구 경기 일정 https://barnardonwind.com/.

Major on divisional dogs

Every year, the teams that are within the division have to play with each other 19 rounds. This makes the teams familiar with each other. But benefit the dog. When you focus on the dogs that are in divisional baseball games, you are likely to win, unlike when you bet on those that are outside the divisional games.

Know the basics of baseball

The other important tip for every beginner is learning the basics of baseball. You should not expect to win when you are betting on a game that you know nothing about. You have to take your time and learn and try to understand the basics of this game before you begin betting.

3 Things you should know if you are an online poker beginner

Being a poker player competing in games online is a great way to explore the game you love, make risky strategies pay off and build a nice nest egg from the comfort of your own home. Is this something that is new to you? With these three little tips you will soon be playing in the big leagues.

  1. Know Your Competition

Expecting to be a brilliant poker player on day one, right out of the gate is a little too ambitious for most players, but just sticking with the game and trying to learn more about it and about playing the game every day will make you better in no time. As a beginner, accept that there are more experienced and knowledgeable players than you are and do not enter into any of the higher stakes games that you may find. One day you might be a high ranking poker player, but that usually comes with a lot (years) of practice. The practice, even if it’s just games for fun, should be both fun and educational, helping you get better, at the same time.

  1. Choose the Right Site

With online poker becoming a popular way to spend your free time, there are more sites than ever that offer poker games and cater to professional players (see 99poker). This wide array of unique practices that you can choose from mean that you will always be able to find a game that is exactly what you want. If you are a beginner who is easily discouraged by this, you might want to dip a tow in the water and find some other gaming sites that also offer poker to play. Many places have it on their site, but it is not a focus.

  1. Know Your Local Regulations

One thing we all know is that online gambling, whether it be a card game, a slot machine or a roulette wheel, varies in legality from country to country, and sometimes within a country. It is always prudent to check on the local laws governing a place where you want to spend time gaming before you actually do it. After all, what is the point of getting winnings together if you can’t access them? A lot of the time it isn’t even the site that is restricted, but local laws regarding the flow of money from one place to another.

It is a worthwhile goal to be the best online poker payer around, and if you are just a beginner, then it would benefit you to read these tips and brush up on your local laws, as well as check out which sites offer a poker game that might appeal to you.

Top 3 Sports in 2020 to bet on

Placing bets on sports is becoming a more common hobby as the years go on, this is because gambling and betting is not as outlawed as it once was about a decade ago. If you are interested in trying out sport betting, you should know the top 3 sports to start with and use a good site like SBOBET365 Sports. As the new year approaches, it’s a great time to learn what sports you should be putting your money into and which ones you should avoid. So let’s talk about the top 3 sports you should be placing your bets on in 2020.

First on the list, something that isn’t super common but can earn you a pretty penny, boxing. People who place bets on boxing know what they’re doing, they’ve studied the fighters and they have it figured out who would win in a fight between two of the top guys. If you can follow the pattern and compare fighters to see who would come out on top, this might be the right place to start making your bets. Boxing is the easiest sport to predict compared to the others, and it’s fun to watch.

American football. Football is loved by everyone in America, and even some people from outside of the country love it too. This is a more worldwide known sport, meaning you are going up against even more people when placing bets. But that doesn’t mean you always have to share the winnings. Football betting has a fun extra that will allow you to create your own fantasy team, something that is completely original and your idea. If your team wins, you get paid, If not, you pay out to whoever had a winning team. You can do this with friends in person, or you can find a fantasy football group online that is accepting new members.

Last but not least, we have soccer. Soccer might not seem like the type of sport that would have people placing bets, but you would be surprised. A lot of people actually enjoy placing bets on soccer because it’s simple to understand and get started on, easygoing, and an interesting sport to watch if you are already interested in football. You also have an even wider range of people to go up against as soccer is an international sport and not located in a general area of the world, meaning the winnings are more if you happen to bet on the right team at the right time.

Those are the top 3 sports you should be placing your bets on in 2020. Keep in mind that you should never place too many bets at once, and play responsibly. Never take too much of a risk and you won’t really ever lose.


Can beginners easily learn dominoqq and then play it online and win?

While you may think the Indonesian dominoes game dominoqq looks complicated to play, once you start looking into it further you may realize quickly how simple it can actually be. Especially if you do the right research and find free resources that can help you play it.

Start with websites dedicated to dominoqq — As dominoqq has moved out of Indonesia and into Asia proper, many people have become interested in playing the game. This has meant a number of websites have popped up in recent years showing beginners how to play the game.

These websites start with the basic rules of dominoqq and instructions on how to play it. They also often include videos of people playing the game. That way beginners can get an idea of how a typical game plays out.

Some sites even have videos of actual games at online casinos. This shows you what it is like to play dominoqq online, and may even give you an indication of how easy or difficult it is to win.

Chat rooms and forums dedicated to dominoqq online — As websites about dominoqq began to proliferate online, chat rooms and forums dedicated to the game soon followed.

These places are wonderful for a beginner just starting out with domino qq online as there are often hundreds of topics you can read.

As many of the dominoqq players worldwide tend to be Asian you may find a large percentage of topics in these chat rooms are in one of a number of Asian languages. Do not worry, though, as starting a topic in English will usually result in experienced dominoqq players that do speak English coming to help.

Use these chat rooms wisely by asking the questions you need answering. Get help on things about the game you do not understand. Get tips and hints on how to play dominoqq online, and how to be successful at it.

With some of these players having spent years playing the game, these types of chat rooms can be invaluable for a beginning player.

Playing dominoqq online — The first rule of thumb when playing the game online is to sign up to more than one online casino, and only choose casinos offering a registration bonus.

That will immediately set you up with free cash to use to play dominoqq, which will give you more time to get the experience you will need to win.

Start by playing the free dominoqq games. Of course, these will not allow you to win real money as they pay out in tokens, but they will allow you to get experience before you start playing in the real dominoqq games.

Once you feel confident you understand both the game and the gaming platform the online casino provides, head into one of the dominoqq rooms and begin to play.

Just remember to start out in the lower stakes games as that will often allow you to play against players that are still at your skill level.


Dealing with Variance in online poker

One of the biggest problems I've seen players struggle with at the game is their inability to deal with the variance of the game....